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The Digital Pictorial Inventory of Careers is an effective domain interest assessment which requires no reading. PIC measures career interest by using Digital Quality Live Action Videos of REAL LIFE WORK scenes, instead of paper pencil tests. PIC is an excellent assessment for School-to-Career Transition Programs. PIC can be used by all students including special populations.








PIC Special Features

  • Requires NO Reading
  • Perfect for School-to-Career Transition
  • Directly Related to the D.O.T./G.O.E.
  • For All Students/Including Special Populations
  • 20 Minute Assessment
  • 1 or 100 students at a time

Students respond to live action video segments of real work situations. By rating each segment, students can then determine what Career/vocational area they like best. Assessment results are used to pinpoint areas of strong interest, dislikes, and most important, areas which they have little or no knowledge.


PIC Career/Vocational Areas


  • Agricultural
  • Business-Data Processing
  • Business-Marketing/Sales
  • Business-Secretarial
  • Communications-Art/Graphics
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Engineering Technology
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Services


  • Health Services
  • Protective Services
  • Science & Laboratory
  • Service-Barber/Cosmetology
  • Service-Personal
  • Industrial-Construction
  • Industrial-Mechanical
  • Industrial-Metal Trades




Need a classroom copy? We offer the assessment in packages of 30, 100 and full school subscriptions.


One Time Assessment


30 assessments
$358.50 ($30.00 savings)


100 assessments
$795.00 ($500.00 savings)



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