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Personality plays an important role in determining future success and satisfaction in the workplace. The highly rated VIP comprehensive assessment identifies an individuals distinct personality type, and helps determine the best lifetime career path for that individual to follow.


VIP Helps individuals make the right choice in career selection. This great program also comes in both English and Spanish versions. Both versions come with audio capabilities to help low level readers.



  • Occupational information is provided based on personality type.

  • VIP promotes awareness of interpersonal strengths.

  • VIP promotes knowledge of one's working and learning styles.

  • Comes in both adult and student versionS.
  • Use VIP with adults or students regardless of work experience.

  • VIP takes less than 20 minutes for 1 or 100 students.

  • VIP is non-discriminatory.

  • VIP identifies every persons unique personality type.

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