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WayPoint helps students develop career goals, and transition from high school to post secondary school, and to the real working world. WayPoint is used in middle schools, high schools, and with adults - with the capability to start as early as grade school.  WayPoint works with general populations as well as with intellectually challenged and disabled individuals.  WayPoint helps with compliance of state and federal transition requirements.


The assessment portion of the WayPoint system gives you that needed starting point  for transition planning by using age appropriate, transition assessments.  These assessments assess the students work skills, the students personality in regards to work, and the work interests of the students.  A note of interest, is that all of TAI's career and transition assessments have the capability to be administered to non-reading individuals.


WayPoint comes with all three assessments you see below, however, WayPoint's assessments and programming can be packaged individually.  The WayPoint software is fully customizable for the school or school district.  WayPoint will also work with most other vocational assessment programs.  Contact your state representative for details.


TAP – Functional Skills Aptitude Assessment

PIC – Work Interest Assessment

VIP – Work Personality Assessment

PAES® - Optional Assessment/Work Development If using both the WayPoint and PAES® programs, PAES®will most likely be used in a scheduled class within the WayPoint academic and/or transition schedule.


Is the progress of your transitioning students being adequately monitored from school to work and independent living?

WayPoint is giving educators the much needed tools for providing seamless transitions to adult life:

  •  Assessment of real job options
  • Meaningful results of opportunities available
  • Links to employers in one’s own community
  • Available work; based off assessment results
  • A real plan for moving from assessment to work
  • Comprehensive data organization of needed documents
  • Instant reports of plan and progress



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Transition Progress Monitoring

  • WayPoint meets the requirements of Indicator 13, and state and federal transition planning, by utilizing the yearly checklists to monitor, plan & document student’s transition progress.
  • An automated transition summary and due process transition checklist is also included and can also be stored within the WayPoint document management system to monitor and track your students progress towards meeting their transition goals.

Detailed Student Reports Anytime

  • WayPoint offers detailed reporting at any time, and is used for IEPs, transition planning, academic planning and is often used as the student’s summary of performance (SOP) at graduation.

WayPoint Job Placement/Training Placement

  • Once the time comes for placement, WayPoint can locate employers and available real time job openings down to your local zip-code.
  • School & military searches are also at your finger-tips

Student Assessments are loaded and merged into WayPoint Program

  • Assessment results are loaded to WayPoint Career Planning Software.
  • Access to live links to job descriptions & career planning tools utilizing the Department of Labors 16 career clusters.
  • Real time data - most up to date & accurate information available.

Sophisticated Job Searches

  • You have the ability to conduct sophisticated searches based on assessment results, individual student worker traits, occupational listings, & more.
  • This saves you so much time by narrowing down to show only appropriate jobs & training plans for your student.

Student Plan of Study

  • Once you have appropriate jobs or cluster matches, an outline of suggested classes, knowledge and skills needed is automatically displayed.
  • WayPoint then offers a flexible frame work for the planning and execution.

Customizable Transition/Academic Planning and Document Management

  • Includes a comprehensive academic planner.
  • Includes customizable checklists.
  • Ability to download your specific school courses & student documents.
  • Can be used early school years through graduation & transition years.